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I help companies solve critical business problems with strategic  communications during moments that matter. 

Current Job: Senior Internal and Executive Communications
Manager, Tenable (TENB)

I LOVE MY JOB TOO! Cybersecurity is awesome. Every day you learn something new and work is never boring. (Thank God!) In my current role, I keep employees informed, connected, and engaged through strategic communications and programs. 

But I'm a bit of an outsider...

I started off as a wildlife biologist working with tigers... Yes, wild tigers with big teeth, just like your house cat (Charles), but 600 pounds...

Weird, right? 

I worked around the world advocating for this majestic and endangered animal. I rallied students at tiger mascot universities, advocated for good conservation policy in Washington DC, worked with the US State Department, and collaborated with experts in the Russian Far East.

It made me a better leader, team player, and communicator

After that, I expanded my marketing, communications, and data analytics chops at a small agency - leading a variety of strategic narrative projects, demand generation campaigns, and website rebuilds for clients. (We were a small team, so we got our hands dirty...)

Come to find out, the scientific method translates quite nicely to marketing and communications.

How so?

In science, you ask questions, make an observation, create a hypothesis, test it with an experiment, analyze the results and go through the motions all over again - tweaking and improving your hypothesis over time.

That's how effective marketing and communications work! 

Now, when external marketing and communications practices are applied internally - magic happens. When you pair that with the analytical mindset of a scientist, "fuggedaboutit!" 

That's what makes my experience unique. 

Want to chat? Send me a quick note on LinkedIn!

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