Sean Carnell is a strategist and a marketer. Driven by a desire to turn big ideas into reality, Sean is constantly learning and honing in on his craft to help businesses thrive.


While in college at Clemson University, Sean co-founded an innovative national conservation program called the National Tigers for Tigers Coalition, which empowered tiger mascot universities, students, and fans to protect their mascot in the wild.


In 2013, Sean Carnell became the first National Coordinator of the National Tigers for Tigers Coalition after it was acquired by the National Wildlife Refuge Association. With their support and guidance, Sean franchised Tigers for Tigers student clubs to over 10 tiger mascot universities across the country. The National Tigers for Tigers Coalition advocated for federal wildlife conservation funding in Washington D.C., collaborated with wildlife practitioners in the Russian Far East, and led internationally recognized marketing campaigns with global NGOs and universities. During that time, Sean Carnell appeared on T.V., radio, podcasts, and was a special guest speaker at the 3rd Asia Ministerial Conference on Tiger Conservation in New Delhi, India.


In 2015, Sean Carnell joined the National Wildlife Refuge Association as their Communications and Marketing Manager, developing digital fundraising campaigns and solidifying their communication strategies. Sean worked closely with senior leaders of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to develop a national branding, marketing, and technology strategy to increase the constituency of our nation’s National Wildlife Refuge System.


In October 2017, Sean Carnell joined MOSAIC, a marketing communications firm located outside of Washington D.C., as a Senior Marketing Account Executive, to further his skillsets as a marketer.


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